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Is it better to be liked, or respected? by Heidi Harris

Is it better to be liked, or respected? If you’re a politician, all you care about is being liked…at least for the next two, four, or six years. If you’re a political party, you need to be a little more reliable. After all, political parties are supposed to have platforms, and those platforms are one of the criteria voters use to choose party affiliation.

The Republican party has an identity problem. Even I don’t know what it is we’re
supposed to stand for anymore! We have GOP leaders waffling on Obamacare, illegal
immigration, and even something as obviously detrimental to our society as gay
marriage. How did we get here? Simple: lack of spine.

“Promise everything to everybody. Except in the most extreme cases, candidates
should say whatever the particular crowd of the day wants to hear. Tell traditionalists
you have consistently supported conservative values. Tell progressives you have
always been on their side. After the election, you can explain to everyone that you’d
really love to help them, but unfortunately circumstances beyond your control have
intervened.” (“How to win an election”, Cicero 64 BC)

It’s not exactly news that most politicians choose to run for the wrong reasons. I have
watched with amusement as people I’ve known for years change from being real people
into politicians. Of course most of them are squishy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t
keep beating the bushes for people who have a core, and aren’t willing to waffle.
There are two huge issues that the GOP is waffling on, all in the name of getting votes,
but if played badly, we may never recover as a party.

The first one is immigration. If I have to explain why granting amnesty to millions of
people is a bad idea, you may as well be a Democrat. But whether or not you agree with
me on this issue, Democrats will OWN it, regardless of how many Republican votes
they can get.

Diehard Democrats will never give the GOP credit for for supporting immigration reform,
and, as a recent Gallup Poll verified, the majority of Latino immigrants will vote
Democrat. Talk about political suicide. Tell me again why supporting it is a good idea?
The other big issues that’s gotten some in the GOP off track is gay marriage. WHY have
some in the GOP embraced this as a all “libertarian” issue? I’ve actually heard so-called
conservatives say, “It won’t affect MY marriage, so who cares?” The traditional family
unit, while certainly not the reality for every person, is still the ideal, and a fundamental
pillar of a stable society. There’s a huge difference between “intolerance”, and legally
recognizing behavior considered deviant throughout history.

And by the way, just as in the case of immigration reform, every time a so-called
conservative goes wobbly on gay marriage, you gain NOTHING. The GOP won’t gain
ONE vote from the left, but you lose votes from the right. They stay home, we lose.

The next time someone says,”But we need to support more Republicans in office, no
matter what.” No we don’t. If you’re gonna vote like a Democrat, why should I clutter up
my yard with signs, or donate to your campaign? I’ll spend my money and effort on
something meaningful.

by Heidi Harris, The Las Vegas Radio Show Girl!

Heidi Harris


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